Name: Franciny dos Santos Dias
Type: MSc dissertation
Publication date: 06/09/2019

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Mauricio dos Santos de Oliveira Advisor *

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Eliana de Toledo Ishibashi External Examiner *
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Mauricio dos Santos de Oliveira Advisor *

Summary: The milestone for the Brazilian Rhythmic Gymnastics (RG) history is the conduction of Technical-Pedagogical Improvement courses, organized in the 1950s, in the state of São Paulo (CBG, 1984; CRAUSE, 1985; ALONSO, 2011). Soares and Barros (2012) emphases the participation of teachers who, in the historical sport’s trajectory, became eminent in the area, as they disseminated the knowledge obtained in the Improvement courses. Thus, we observed that the GR, previously called Modern Gymnasticswas promoted in Brazil by Margareth Frölich, an Austrian graduate from the Mozarteum University of Salzburg, who came to Brazil in 1953 and 1954, to teach classes in the III and IV pedagogical improvement course. Crause (1985) states that Margareth Frölich was the responsible for the renewing liberation movement, known as Modern Gymnastics. During these courses, Professor Margareth Frölich, was supported by Professor Erica Saur, from the Brazilian National School of Physical Education and Sports (ENEFD), the current Federal University of Rio de Janeiro (ALONSO, 2011), which sticking the new ideas, became an expert in the area. In the same period with Margareth Frölich in Brazil, the Hungarian teacher Ilona Peuker settled in the country and became the main agent of RG in Brazil (CRAUSE, 1985). Ilona Peuker's work influenced the national practice of this modality of gymnastics, both in the educational and sportive area. Through the context analyzes of RG in Espírito Santo (ES), we find that this gymnastic modality followed a similar historical course as previusly observed in the national scope initially promoted in 1950s in Cachoeiro de Itapemirim city, into an escolar context (BATISTA, 2004). Since then, GR Espírito Santo has gone through a continuous process of development becoming a national reference. The state is the birthplace of gymnasts Natalia Gaudio, Francielly Machado and Emanuelle Lima, who represented Brazil at GR at the 2016 Olympic Games. In addition, the coach Monika Queiroz, also from Espírito Santo, has accumulated meritorious participation and results, as performances in Olympic Games, World Championships, Pan American Games and others. Even with a long process and successful athletes and coaches from Espírito Santo, few studies aimed the historical aspects of the sport in ES, giving highlights to its protagonists: gymnasts, coaches, judges and managers. In this sense, the aim of this study is to describe the history of GR Espírito Santo, through a qualitative approach. Aiming to investigate the modality's primordium, this justifies the use of different nomenclatures such as: Modern Female Gymnastics, Modern Rhythmic Gymnastics, Sport Rhythmic Gymnastics and finally Rhythmic Gymnastics, the current nomenclature, due to the modifications in the modality and its sportivization (TOLEDO, 2010). The uncovering of this story will be through the main contributor’s testimonials to the success of the sport since the 1953. Taking as a criterion the pioneers and also featured gymnasts in national and international championships. To this end, we opted for the approach of oral history, making use of the thematic interview, which excels, for the participation of the individual in the research theme (ALBERTI, 2005). Thereunto, twenty interviewees were selected, separated into five groups: leaders, coaches, gymnasts and former gymnasts, pioneer teachers and multidisciplinary team, who contributed with their respective reports.

Keywords: Oral history; Rhythmic Gymnastics; history of Physical Education.

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