Name: Fernando Torres Otero de Souza
Type: MSc dissertation
Publication date: 27/12/2019

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André da Silva Mello Advisor *

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André da Silva Mello Advisor *
Rodrigo Lema del Rio Martins External Examiner *
Wagner dos Santos Internal Examiner *

Summary: This dissertation has as main objective to analyze the relationship between Physical Education and School Management, focusing on the legal orientations, initial formation, academic-scientific production and social representations of the teachers-principals, secondarily the chapters were guided by their own specific objectives, being them: a) Understand the space occupied by school management in the legal guidelines, covering the national guidelines for teacher training and the legislation of the municipality of Vitória/ES that provides on the subject; b) Discuss the presence of the subject of school management in the academic-scientific production of the Physical Education field and in the initial training curricula of courses in this field located in the Grande Vitória Region; c) Analyze the social representations of teachers-principals about school management, especially with regard to initial training and knowledge necessary for the exercise of this function. To this end, we combine documentary and bibliographical research with descriptive-interpretative research. Regarding the documentary and bibliographical research, it uses as sources the Law of Guidelines and Bases of National Education (Law nº 9.394/96); Resolutions No. 1/2002, No. 7/2004, No. 2/2015 and No. 06/2018 of the National Education Council (NEC); the municipal legislations Organic Law of the Municipality of Vitória/ES Law 4747/98, Law 6794/06, Ordinance SEME 019/17, project of the continuing education course in management (SEME); the profiles of the graduates of the Physical Education teacher training courses of Grande Vitória/ES; the menus of the subjects that deal with the school management theme, eight scientific journals of the area, the proceedings of the Brazilian Congress of Sport Science (CONBRACE) and the thesis and dissertation banks of strictu sensu postgraduate courses in Physical Education. Regarding the descriptiveinterpretative research, it uses semi-structured interviews with eight principals and former principals of Municipal Child Education Centers (MCEC) of Vitória/ES, in order to identify the social representations of these subjects about school management. It was found that the official guidance documents point to school management as part of what should be included in the teacher formation curricula of undergraduate PE courses; Most of the graduates profiles analyzed from the Higher Education Institutions (HEI) of Grande Vitória do not include school management; the researched HEI do not seem to maintain a close correlation between their egress profiles and subject matrix; We found a low academic production in the area of physical education in relation to the subject school management in the scientific publications analyzed. The descriptive-interpretative research was conducted through the production of semi-structured interviews with eight CMEI directors from Vitória/ES. From the analysis of the speeches of the sources it was possible to observe that there is a relationship between acting as PE teachers and their entry in the role of principal, due to the popularity enjoyed by students and their guardians, as well as the opportunity that this space allows them to present consistent work. The interviewees do not establish direct relations between the contents addressed in their initial formation and the role of school principal, leaving this correlation limited to aspects such as: the pedagogical basis received in the initial courses and the political formation lived within the universities. The interviews also revealed that the sources have a clear definition of school management based on theoretical references, but are able to point out aspects of this theme indicating that they generally understand their functions in relation to the management of their school units. An important part of the knowledge that PE teacher-principals use is built on their daily practice.

Keywords: School management. Physical Education. Teacher training.

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